uBlock and Office 365 recent changes?

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Does anyone else run the uBlock extension in their browser and recently noticed an increased amount of blocked items while visiting office.com, sharepoint.com, ... ?

The item count of blocked elements increases every few seconds while not doing anything in that browser window. A peek into the logs shows elements being blocked from





This wasn't the case before and I'm guessing Microsoft has added some telemetry/tracking to their pages?

Can someone shed some light on this please? I don't mind sharing some telemetry, but does it have to this excessive, and possibly reducing user experience and bogging down their local machines?

I've left my browser windows open overnight on office.com and today came back to over 600 blocked elements.


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I use Ublock on Firefox and noticed on my Outlook page many more "blocks" from May 1st, around 18,000 over a working day. I just checked the total - 1.87 million since install @Ivan Unger