Turn off new product training and tips for services in their subscription.

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I would like to turn off the new "Your users will now receive emails with product training and tips for services in their subscription " that is being rolled out on 29th November.


Can I disable this for most of our staff except a select few who will want to see what to sample these with a view to maybe turn on for all staff in the future?


I see that I can disable it for all, see screenshot attached...


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Unfortunately this is an On/Off only feature, so you can enable/disable for all the organization and not only for specific people

Can this be turned on for an individual(s) e.g. myself, so that we can see what comes through in case we consider turning this on for the entire organisation in the future?

Can this be done by PowerShell?


Or can the organisation be turned on but individuals (most) be turned off using PowerShell?

I believe that individuals can opt-out.


Or is there an alternative way?







No,unfortunately as Said before there are only the on/ off org wide option

Hi Oliver...this is the reverse of what you're looking for....and depending on how many users could be quite a pain but thought I'd share just in case!


Check out the "Alternative Method" in this article I came across.... basically you're keeping on at the admin level but then letting users choose their comm options...unchecking the "Using Office 365" option....enabling for those who want to check it out.

Microsoft has withdrawn the idea of sending end users email with hints etc. for "further consideration" after getting a lot of adverse feedback from tenants. They also have a little issue of dealing with GDPR and personal data belonging to Office 365 users that might mean they can never execute this flawed idea.