Trying to sync calendar info between W10 desktop and Android phone

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Apparently I'm computer incompetent so please excuse the incorrect terms I may be using and do please try to explain things as if I'm 5 years old if you can.  I feel useless due to my struggling with this problem.


I am more confused after searching about this than before I started.  I purchased Office 365 Home (install on up to 5 personal devices) a year ago and am just trying to get it to sync with the Outlook app on my Android LG G6.  I have not been successful obviously, so I tried to activate some kind of sync or share capability using Microsoft 365 online.  I can see my calendar but can't seem to share it, at least with me.


It appears from searching that I can't have an "exchange server", however during one attempt I decided to create an email account on my local PC Outlook program for my Outlook email address, the one that was created when I purchased a yearly license for 365 Home.  It automatically set up as mail type "Microsoft Exchange".  So I'm confused.  I can Send/Receive emails on my PC w/ 365 with that email address.  I thought that creating my Outlook email account on the PC might somehow authorize my PC version of 365 to share or sync the calendar from the web or android app.  It hasn't so far.  I tried "sharing" the web calendar to my Outlook email address and it states this can't be done (other email addresses are allowed but not my Outlook address).  So sharing is for other people.  Maybe I could share it to my main personal email address and set up Outlook (PC) to have a calendar linked to that email address?  I don't know if that can be done or how.  Syncing would be so much easier.  I was under the impression that, even without "Exchange:, that calendars, contacts, and emails would sync between all devices using the same Outlook 365 account email. 


Before I confuse myself more, could someone chime in and help me sync various devices' calendars on my Outlook account?



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