Trying to make sense of Groups, StaffHub, Planner, Teams, Sites, etc.


I thought I'd try to create some clarity as well as explain some of the confusion and integration points between the various communication and collaboration apps and services inside of Office 365, specifically: StaffHub, Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Planner, Teams.

Have a read:

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Great article.... we have been going thru some early adoption pain and this certainly helps to create the context for where we are ...... and the patience required!!! Thanks


Good article Loryan. I like your 'but' summary!

There is one word you've used and I've used it as well and it's an important one.


In fact it is a critical one and it's what I believe Microsoft have been attempting to achieve for some time with Office 365 and its various components.

When I saw Teams for the first time, I went 'Yeessssss'. At last a unified, consistent and integrated user interface to access files, OneNote, SharePoint, other apps and even Yammer.

Now we are getting there. Finally. So I see Teams as the main user tool for all team based activity. O365 Groups is the permission layer behind everything. And yes people can use that function if they want to stick in Outlook (and many do).

But yes overall it is confusing. Choice may be good but that doesn't make it any easier!

A great little article boiling the difficulties of the "when to use what" down into something simple to read.

I'm with you Andrew. The unified UI of Teams to bring together all the Groups services is fantastic.

This link no longer works. Is there a way you can repost or where i can find it?

Sorry, stuff-up in my configuration. Fixed now.