Trying to enable Solver but keep getting error message. Please help!

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I'm trying to enable Solver add-in on my PC, but when the prompt opens to install it after I enable the add-in, the below error appears:



Any ideas? Can I re-download ProPlusrWW.smi somewhere and drop it in the correct directory to get it to work? Thanks in advance!!

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Do you have access to VLK center? I would recommend re downloading the ISO from the key center and re-run the installation.

@Dan_Barn Hi Dan - Thanks for the response.


I'm not sure what VLK Center is (had to Google it!); This is just my personal laptop (not a work laptop), so I assume I should have full access, but I don't exactly know how.  Is there a "For Dummies" version of a guide you could briefly outline for me? Am I better off to just re-install the entire Office suite? I honestly don't even remember when I got Office - It probably came installed on my laptop ~4 or 5 years ago; So I'm not sure I even have the installation key, etc.

If you have MS word open, Click on file then Office account. if you see Belongs to: you can reinstall the office from . Many times if it came on the computer the Key is in beaded on the computer. If it does not say anything you can look in your credential manager on your computer for something that looks like this. MicrosoftOffice15_Data:orgid