Trying out Outlook365

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I may be barking up the wrong tree. I have used Outlook 2010 for 8 years. I am sick of the dozens and dozens od .pst accounts I accumulate and have to merge every time I reinstall windows. I thought switching to 365 might make life simpler in the long term and enable me to store all my emails online rather thasn clutter my PC. I am a home user. 


Is 365 only for busieness?


I am trying to set up my internet accounts with my isp server details viz incoming server outgoing server


I don't even know if 365 is the thing to do this with?


There is somewhere to put my password (for isp's mail servers) but I see nowhere to put my username ? (which defines which mailbox I am access). here!



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Hi! Seems you have an mail account using imap today!
You can go to and sign up for a personal office 365 subscription!
I don't follow?? I am signed up. How can I get email notificatgions of replies it was lucky I found this.
Ok! I don’t follow either :) If you got an 365 personal account you set it up using the preferred “exchange protocol”,
Here you enter your office 365 mail and password
otherwise use Microsoft servers for imap
You should get an email when someone replies! Make sure the tic box “ email me when someone replies” is checked right under this message box