Troubles with my E3 O365 Desktop Apps License

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Hello. This problem is nearly a1 year old. Back in January 2016, I created a service request (SRX616010193463199ID), got regular feedback via email and calls and remote sessions which consumed me long hours trying troubleshoot without success. I got desperate after some very long hours speaking to support agents, until end of March, while the case has been escalated to a third or fourth level – without success, so I just closed the service request unsolved!


Simply: I am an E3 O365 licensed user, I am a Global Admin of my company’s O365. While all my peers have no such a problem, installing Office 2016 Desktop Apps does not work for my user, so I had to use another user’s account to keep working (somehow)!


In the screen clip, I have installed a clean Windows 10 Anniversary update. I used my outlook account, then connected my Surface Pro 3 to Azure AD, signed in O365 portal, using my account credentials, Installed Office 2016 Desktop Apps from there. I launched an App, say Word 2016, to find that the Info tab says that this product is licensed to admin2@ e*******.com while my user is y.manasrah@e*******.com


In Portal, My Account Page, it says I have installed Office on 0 Devices.


This just does not makes me feel comfortable, considering that every few days, I find Office Desktop Apps signed out, then I try sign in, then it says I have installed Office on more than 10 devices (untrue), and that I need to deactivate some from Account Page (which says 0 installs), then I spend an hour or 2 troubleshooting until I am back online again.


While I am willing to open a service request, I am unwilling to spend another 2 months speaking to agents 2 or 3 hours everyday, who is willing to?!


Any idea what I should do?


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Hi Yahya, the best course of action is to open another ticket, as out team on this network can not track or escalate service requests. 

I've also moved your question to the general Office 365 group.
Hi Yaha,

Looks like you installed Office 365 Pro Plus while you where logged in with your admin account. Try installing it while you are logged in (To Windows) with your user account.