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Any one have experience with an enterprise level translation software/appliance? Looking for solution to translate documents and emails as they come in and out from our office to clients. We use Office 365 and Exchange Online.  All documents are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint Online.  Would like to see something that automatically translates documents and email.



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@Jeff Harlow Had a look at Microsoft Translator?

Yes. Even tried their addons for Word and Outlook. The Word one is not to bad but The Outlook one is very lacking.  The app would be no different than opening a web browser.  Trying to find something that works nicely within Office or even automatically as the documents/emails come in through the network.  



@Jeff Harlow Hey! I was rather talking about the more advanced bit as in


Even though the feature you're mention works quite good from an end-user perspective.


I have no experience from the former part so I can only direct you to it for guidance.