Transfer email between 365 accounts?

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I have been using one 365 Outlook email for about 8 months but as I have changed roles I now have another address. I would like to be able to transfer the emails over from the old account to the new one so that I can hand the old address over to the new member of staff but still keep the historical emails and contacts etc. 

Is this possible? 


Email one - Buddy 

Holds all historical emails and contacts


Email two - Laura.griffin 

New email, empty inbox 


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you can either just change upon and email address! Also you could just copy all contacts and mail to a pst and insert in you new mail! Then delete all the mails if they should be seen by whoever takes over your account

Hi @lauragriffin,

Yes, it is possible - by a few ways

1.) Export the data out of Outlook (buddy@) to a .PST and then import the .PST into Outlook (laura.griffin@). Note, this has to be done through the Outlook client. Information how to export and import a PST in Outlook can be found online.

2.) Use a Migration Tool such as MigrationWiz to automate the copy of data between mailboxes. See here: This would involve a licence cost.

Hope that helps and answers your question.

Best, Chris

Hi Laura,


I believe you can export your emails, contacts and calendar items to a .pst file (Outlook Data File) that will contain your messages and other Outlook items. That file can be saved on your computer and can be imported into your new Office 365 email account.


Here I found this on the support site for Microsoft Office.


How to export email, contacts, and calendar items from Outlook to a .pst file


I hope this help :)