Top 10 PowerShell Cmdlets to Monitor Email Activities in Exchange Online


Exchange Online provides many different reports to monitor email activities and audit emails to aid with compliance requirements. I have prepared a list of the top 10 Exchange Online PowerShell cmdlets to monitor email activities. With these cmdlets, I have given 25+ PowerShell code samples to generate detailed email activity reports. 


I have listed a few significant reports below, 

  • Email traffic report 
  • Inbound and Outbound email traffic report 
  • Mail flow status report 
  • Sent and received email count by users 
  • Office 365 spam reports 
  • Office 365 malware reports 
  • Identify which transport rule was applied on a mail 
  • Identify emails that were redirected to another email address 
  • Emails detected by DLP policy 
  • Top senders and recipient report 
  • Microsoft 365 message tracing report


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