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I use the Office 365 To-do app, and like it quite much. Now I was looking for a way to get emails into the To-do app - is there a quick and easy workflow how to do this?

A lot of emails I receive trigger a to-do (or several..) on my side, right now I need to type in the to-do and sometimes copy&paste the content into the notes field.


Could Flow help out here, by defining a workflow?





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Very soon there will be an integration with To-Do in Outlook..The drag and drop feature will be available!


What you can do is drag and drop emails to Outlook tasks in Outlook..

To-Do and tasks synchronize! For now Outlook tasks is more limited..Subtasks in To-Do don't synchronize to task etc..


/ Adam

Oh nice, then I`ll wait a bit more! :)


I try to stick to one to-do/task app, otherwise I`ll miss some tasks...


And thanks for the quick reply!


No problem


Please have a look at the following session from Ignite:

To clarify: In outlook on the web there will be an integration with a separate window in owa. See picture:


In outlook desktop version you will have the ability to flag mails