Tier 1 and 2 problems

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Been having an issue in Sharepoint where we suddenly cannot share files in a document library receiving an error "Multiple Entries Matched, please click to resolve".


I opened a ticket on Wednesday at ~1:00. (ticket #10505726). I was told I would get a callback in 30 minutes. I started to open another ticket with Tier 1 so they can call me again. They did and then said they were escalating to the Sharepoint department. No call back at all and then at 11:30pm I received an email asking "when can we troubleshoot?" by Sameep. HOW ABOUT NOW?? A call at 11:30 would have been fine.


The next morning I kept trying to get in touch with the Sharepoint department. I finally got someone named Saptarshi to help troubleshoot. A new ticket was opened (Ticket #10518125) because of my previous escalation calls to Tier 1. He was stumped after an hour. Then I was told it was being escalated. I was told I would be called in 2-3 hours. 4 hours passes and I try to get in touch with Saptarshi. An hour on holds with Tier 1 and I finally got Saptarshi on the phone. He said his advanced support would have to look at it. He said he would like to set up a call with me for 9AM the next morning (CST). 9AM comes and goes and no word. It then took another 1 hour to escalate the issue through Tier 1 again to get in touch with Saptarshi. He then called a little later and said he had to get all kinds of screenshots, recordings, and logs. I went through another 1 1/2 hours of troubleshooting. I then was escalated to his manager at my request because it has been 2 days and no forward movement. I then talked to Chanchal who is a Team Manager in the Sharepoint department who had to escalate the issue with her Technical adviser. This was at 11:20AM on 6/15. She indicated that I would be receiving a call back in 2-3 hours that I had to be patient with the escalation. 3 hours passes and no contact. I then attempt to call her directly and have no luck. She is gone for the day.


I then send several emails including several of the contacts in her previous email and out of the 5 technicians, not one responded. Not only have they not responded all weekend, but they have not responded.


I have now escalated again through Tier 1 (which cannot do much) and was told they got in touch with Chanchal. I then got disconnected from Tier 1. I then tried again to contact Chanchal directly. I got through and she answered the phone. I said "This is "my name" waiting for your you to call me back" and then she hung up on me immediately.


So with all that said, I am now still experiencing this widespread and major issue with no real communication back to me regarding the solution. I was told the "technical adviser" would have to approve my issue be sent to Premier. That was on Friday. No contact since. I have several departments now asking me why they cannot continue to use their Sharepoint document library and I have absolutely no answer for them.


Additionally, yesterday I was sent an email by Saptarshi indicating that he already gave me the troubleshooting steps.  They are "Connect to powershell for Sharepoint Online and delete all of the users having the issues and reshare the previously shared files.  SERIOUSLY?  So because of no fault of my own or my users. I will have to delete 30-40 accounts?  And hope they don't break again out of the blue?  


We have been using this for ~3 months max.  What is going to happen when all of my users break again and this time I have to delete and reshare with 100+ user accounts?  

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I feel your pain with the support mess..... we can try to figure some things out here in the community however. The error usually means your putting in someones name that matches another one, does it do it for every single user?

What happens if you navigate to https://yourtenant.sharepoint.com/sites/yoursite/_layouts/15/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=0

Are all your users duplicated here?