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Hi kind people of Microsoft Community,


This is serious issue as thousands of company's files & folders missing, suddenly.

I posted a quite similar post few days ago but this post is more details.

Our company has an office 365 account which we stored all of the company's files inside the Office 365 Sharepoint worth thousands of files & folders for many years like 5+ years worth of files.


Recently, which was 2 weeks ago, our files & folders in Sharepoint went missing, the Sharepoint now is very empty without any folders left.

This brought us to contact our reseller and they contacted Microsoft support. Microsoft support took like many days to deal with it plus the communication was very bad as they replied us between emails like 2 days+.


After that, they still can't solve the problem and mentioned that there were no data deletion in backend's change logs. No trace of data deletion at all. They can't do the PITR since no change logs regarding data deletion found.

(This means, the files & folders suddenly went missing without any trace)

How is that possible?


Even after many of my emails, Microsoft support still replied, the keep mentioning about can't do PITR, no data deletion change logs, no history, backend's recycle bin is empty...they didn't provide any solid solution at all, and we don't know what to do.


How do I get this matter to top authority of Microsoft so they can give us a solid solution? Or file any serious complaint.

*below are the screenshot of Microsoft support replies, no solution given.



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I feel your pain, but these forums are not a support channel and there's nothing we can do in this scenario. Work with the support engineers to resolve the case, or in case there isn't anything they can do ask for it to be escalated to a higher tier. They treat data loss scenarios very seriously, so I'm almost certain they have already escalated this, but you never know.

@CN United Maybe you need to hire your own consultant?  maybe