The OneDrive for Business Recycle Bin, Searches, and Holds



For whatever reason, Microsoft documentation says that items in the OneDrive for Business recycle bin are not indexed and cannot be discovered. They're wrong. Searches can find items which end up the in OneDrive for Business recycle bin and any holds that applied to those items are respected. Maybe it's just a matter of phrasing, but this proves once again that documentation can be incorrect. Just like blog posts!

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Hello, @Tony Redmond, thank you for sharing a fascinating insight. I even tested and assured myself that I absolutely have the possibility of running discovery searches of items in the recycle bin of OneDrive.


Yes, you can't say all the Microsoft 365 documentation is correct and updated on time. Microsoft has tons of apps, workers, and processes. Not everything is synchronized in one second.


As well, the applications sometimes can, unfortunately, show errors and system glitches, so you should always be prepared for the recovery of your organization's essential data.