Tenant to Tenant Migration.

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Our company mailboxes are hosted on cloud (O365). Mail flow is via on-premise infrastructure Exchange 2013. Company name is E.g ABC-XYZ.com and we are planning to change it to XYZ.com.

As O365 Tenant rename option is not available. What should be the best approach to to get this done.

Do we need to create new tenant (XYZ.com)  and migrate the data ?

Does 3rd Party tool migrate (SharePoint, One Drive, SFB and Mailbox) from source O365 tenant to new tenant ?   Will there be any downtime ?


Any inputs/suggestion will help to plan the migration.




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If it’s enough you can add the domain like xyz.com to the current one and set this UPN to your users! The tenant name itself won’t be changed but it can hold multiple domain names you own.

If you need to set up a new tenant you have to create a new and then make sure your users are synced/ created then you can use any of multiple 3 party tools out there for mail/files etc

Thanks Adam.


How do we get rid of company names in the SharePoint sites. E,g there are 100's of sites starting with old company name https://<old companyname>/site ?




You cannot, if that's a must your only option is to migrate to another tenant. And yes, third-party tools are your best choice, there are few of them available on the market so look around and pick the one that best suits your needs (some are better with email, some are better with files, all will claim they do everything so do your research :)).


Whether or not you will have downtime depends on some additional details, but generally speaking downtime can be avoided.

Thanks Adam and Vasil for your suggestions.