Tenant to Tenant migration Office Applications experience

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We are doing a Tenant to Tenant migration and on the source tenant all the users are currently using the Office subscriptions under which they have installed the office applications on their devices. After the tenant to the tenant migration these users will get the destination tenant's E3 licenses assigned which has its own Office Subscription.


What will be the users experience be in-terms on their Office applications on their devices. Anyone gone through this scenario? what was the user experience with the office subscriptions with the license switch?

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You can use Office programs with different Office 365 accounts with no problems...quite a common scenario

Hi Carlos,


Thank you - the question was more so what the user experience would be, whether it would be something simple like they open their Word or excel application and it will prompt them to enter their credentials for the new tenant license or something complicated like them having to redo the C2R from the new tenant?