Tenant Migration


Our parent company wants to migrate us to their O365 tenant. We would keep our Brand and domain name, but the goal of the tenant move is:

- to allow people to work seamlessly in Teams (currently, we need to Switch orgs to access our parent company Team sites) to chat, share files

- to allow seamless interaction with Outlook (free/busy, calendar access)

- seamless access to Sharepoint sites across orgs

So far, we have been using Guest Accounts to access their Teams or Sharepoint sites.

Challenges on our end:

- we have an on-prem AD synchronizing to Azure AD and our own set of conditional policies and SSO applications for many SaaS tools.

The parent company is looking at migrating our AD domain to their AD as a sub-domain

- we have enrolled our laptops to Intune/Autopliot using Azure AD Join (no hybrid join)

- we have Azure File shares joined to AD using NTFS permissions

When migrating to another tenant, at which stage should the AD migration happen?

Can we keep administering our domain once the migration is done (Mail flow rules, policies, Intune,...)?

Is the migration possible at all in this scenario or would a domain name change would be required?

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