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For lack of a better space to post this - I'm getting an error when trying to access Microsoft Tech Community - Communities.

My system is a Surface Pro running the latest Windows 10. I get the error when using the Microsoft Edge browser. I don't get it when using Chrome.

REST Error: path="" status="error" code="101" message="No role with the specified id." ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: #local userWithRoleCount = restadmin(... [in template "card-macros.ftl" in macro "communityCard" at line 5, column 17] - Reached through: @cards.communityCard category=categor... [in template "" at line 90, column 57] ~ Reached through: #nested [in template "common-functions.ftl" in macro "generateComponentContent" at line 391, column 15] ~ Reached through: @utility.generateComponentContent cla... [in template "" at line 21, column 17] ----

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You can probably post this at Info Center (above) > Community Discussions. Yeah, took a while to find that for me too..


Thanks, I'll remember that for next time. We learn all the time! The problem I mentioned has now been resolved. Not sure whether it was a bug on the site - or just something on my side.