Teams Usage Reports in Office 365 Admin Center


It's nice to see the first two usage reports for Teams (user activity and device activity) turn up in the Office 365 Admin Center, but it looks as if guest user activity is excluded from the usage data. @Anne Michels, am I correct? If so, what's the logic of excluding guest user activity - is it because the Graph doesn't capture this data?



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Interested also on having an answer to the question done by Tony

since the option to invite guests with a few clicks is available a report of external users / guests is a must-have in my complaince -reports.


Any ideas when this feature will be available ?  

Do we have any options to know How many minutes a individual Joined Teams meeting

Hi @Tony Redmond and @Anne Michels, 


I hope you are doing well. I am having to track the guests activity for my company. Has this question been answered? I basically have to find out the number of active guests per meeting or per user for my company each day. 


Please let me know what you think.  



@nicholasong1990  AFAIK, this data is not exposed in public interfaces (Graph, PowerShell, or audit logs). I wrote an article about how to identify obsolete guests a while ago


I looked at the Teams user activity Graph API It supports call usage, but only for tenant users. As far as I can see, the Office 365 usage data in the Graph are for tenant users only.

@Tony RedmondThank you for your reply.


The link above shows a column that is labeled guests. Is this defined to be the number of active guest users for each team(which is a class)? If so, can i just set the date range to be for 1 day and export to excel and manipulate it there? 


Some background, we are a learning centre that conducts hundreds of classes where our teachers are Microsoft corporate account users and they send team meeting invites to the students. 


We are trying to keep track of the daily participation of students in each class. Hence i assume that 1 count of "guest" should signify activity by 1 student for each meeting.


What do you think of my work around and understanding here? 



looking at that report (Teams usage), it seems like "Guests" is the number of active guests in a team during the reporting period. In some cases, the guest might have simply accessed the team and not done anything. But it could be enough for your purposes, once you understand that active doesn't mean sending a message, attending a meeting, or so on.