Teams trial license expiring

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Hi everyone,
I'm confused with licensing for free Versions of Microsoft Teams.
I have an Office 365 E1 subscription. 
Some time ago I started to use Teams with some customers/students. I created user accounts for them in my Active Directory and assigned Teams Trial licenses to them.
Now I saw under licenses that all Teams Trail licenses are expiring soon, without any further information about that. 


Until now everything works as normal and I didnt noticed any change for the assigned users.
I googled for expiring trials but found different informations.
Will the trial actually end now? Will it end for all users at the same time? what will happen then, with their data? 
There also is a free plan for Microsoft Teams.
Will I be able to assign that to the users under my tennant/domain? What is the difference to the MS Teams Trial?

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You Trial licenses will expire at the same time for all users, since you acquired them at the same time. Your data will be kept, so more here:


With the Teams Trial you get a full version of Teams, Teams free have some limitations. I don't think it is possible to move from Teams payed (trial) to Teams free, it is only possible the other way.

@Linus CansbyThanks for your answer. The license was called "Microsoft Teams Trial (free)", which actually doesnt make to much sense at all, because why would you need a trial for something that is free?
When I look in the comparison between the free MS Teams and the full MS Teams, these licenses were definitely free licenses. There was a maximum of 500000 and for example MS Stream was not included.
That is part of what is so confusing to me.

@ArneDD  I notice the same issue  in a  Microsoft Team free,   that will be expiring in 1/26…what I believe  is that Microsoft team exploratory is assigned to the Free version  of MT, but also I wonder if that is the case  then there is not such  Mt for free, or in my case also I purchase a basic subscription for used in the  same platform  because  I have to used for work but don't have   enough $ to assigned  1 license to all  the users, so I'm not sure if that change affect  the  setting  or My Free Version was removed. I wait that will be  the case  because if not then will start to take  the bus sines somewhere  else.  

@ArneDD See also here: you are not the only one affected. There seems to be some general issue with the product Teams free. There are at least a couple of users not able to get a proper Teams free account. Maybe @Linus Cansby can check if he is able to get a new Teams free acocunt? I bet a free trial that he can't ;) fun aside: there is either an issue with the registering process or the documentation / product info is outdated/wrong/misleading (stating you can get a free Teams when you actually only get a free 3 month trial).