Teams that came with Office 365 package does not auto-update

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I deployed Office 365 with Teams via SCCM Application Client deployment using Semi-Annual Channel Target installer.  I noticed that Teams do not auto-update.    What do I do to make Teams auto-update automatically on client computers? 

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@Dobongsoon Hello! Teams actually have it's own separate update process. Meaning it doesn't follow the M365 update channels interval. See the link for info and reference

@ChristianBergstrom - Thank you.  My understanding of that article is it is supposed to auto-update by itself.  I also understand that it is not part of the regular office apps update.  So I am asking for help on how I could make our Teams auto-update.  It is not auto-updating.  Maybe there is a setup I am missing, group policy or configuration? Thanks.

@Dobongsoon Would you mind explaining how your Teams clients are not updating? Describe the scenario please. Which version is installed and are all your users on the same version?

@ChristianBergstrom  - I deployed Office 365 Apps with Teams via SCCM Office 365 Client Management to our Windows 10 Enterprise machines.  I use the Semi-Annual Targeted Channel.  I deployed in November 2019.  I noticed that since I deployed Office 365, Teams has not updated since it was installed.  I have no problem with Office 365 updates.  It gets updated via the updates I received from SUS/SCCM.  But with Teams, it is not updating.  The version is still from the date I originally deployed it. According to MS documentation, they don't even have an enterprise way to update Teams.  I wonder how everyone is doing their Teams update that did not come from the Office installer?

@Dobongsoon Are you in a GCC High or DoD environment?

@ChristianBergstrom - We are in GCC but not High or DoD.  What is the rule to that?  Good question.

@Dobongsoon Hey, if you look at the link below and the second "important" square that starts with.


"If you're in a GCC High or DoD environment, currently you need to exclude Teams from being installed with Microsoft 365 Apps. Instead, you need to install Teams by using the separate MSI-based installer..."


That's maybe the reason you're having issues (you're not GCC High though).

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for the information.  This is helpful.  I will try to find more information about GCC.  

If we're deploy Teams with O365 (via Intune) Teams Desktop client comes in an old version and seems not to update itself. We're not GCC...
Only if I click on "check for updates" self update seems to be initiated.
What's the sitiution right here?

Here's what I found. For Autoupdate to work, first, the user needs to be logged in to Teams. 15 minutes after the user logs in, Teams will check for updates in the background. After that, the update will only apply if the user is logged in and idle for 30 minutes. In other words, If the user keeps signing out after use or not idle in Teams and computer for 30 minutes after the 15-minute check (total of 45 minutes), the update will not apply.  Even if you are not using Teams for 30 minutes, but if you are actively using your computer, it won't auto-update. Knowing this timing helped me understand the problem we had.


But why Teams (installed within M365 Apps) initially comes in an old versions?