Teams Room Invitation from O365 Outlook/OWA not including call in Teams Phone Number or Meeting ID

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I have a customer with some HP Teams Rooms hardware configured following the steps here:  (Note: I didn't follow step 7 because it seemed to be only related to Skype for Business).  The new O365 license "Meeting Room" is applied to these accounts.

The Rooms show up as Microsoft Teams Rooms and they can be scheduled by users with OWA (and I'm assuming Outlook as well).  But the emailed meeting invitations don't include the call in number for the Teams Conference or the Meeting ID.

In the O365 Teams setup, I can find the HP Teams Rooms accounts and they have default conference bridge numbers associated with them.  They just don't show up when users create meetings with these rooms and the invitations are emailed.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I should look?  I'll be glad to provide any further information.


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If I understand it correct you invite a meeting room to a meeting you creating in Outlook and you don't get any dial-in information in the meeting? The user that invites the room have to have the Audio Conferencing license to get dial-in information in the meeting, it is not enough that one of the attendees in the meeting (the meeting room) have this license.


I think that this uservoice request is what you want, so when you invite a meeting room with Audio Conferencing license dial-in information is added.

@Linus Cansby 

Thanks so much for your reply, Linus!

Yes, I would like users without the Audio License to be able to create a Teams meeting invitation using a Meeting Room and have that meeting invitation include the call-in conference phone number and meeting number.  According to what I'm reading it sounds like each user who would create meetings needs the Audio License.

Do you know of any workaround to this?  Perhaps having the user create a Teams meeting but having the invitation come from the Teams Room?

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Yes, each user inviting to a meeting need the Audio Conferencing license (or communication credits but then you pay per minute per caller).

The workaround could be to delegate the Meeting Room calendar to others, they will then be able to schedule meetings for that room with the dial-in-information (invites will be sent from the room). Since it is a workaround I'm not sure if it is okay with the license rules but I doubt you will find anyone that can say that is okay or not.

You could also create a meeting from your Room System (meet now), invite one person that opens their Teams client and from the Teams client they can see all Meeting information like dial-in.