Teams issue on huawei phone

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I've bought a replacement Android phone while mine is for repair. The replacement phone is Huawei Y5p, apparently does not support Google Play and I've been unable to run Office applications, most importantly Teams and Outlook (I can run Outlook web version with no calendar reminders). Is there any workaround to this?

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few workarounds you can try:-
- Check if you are able to install Google Play on your device
- Install a custom ROM on your device
- I'm not sure if Huawei's new OS supports apk packages, if it does you can get the apk for teams and try to install it.

Please note that i'm not an android expert and use above links at your own risk as it may void your device's warranty or may make your devices unusable altogether.

And lastly this is an huawei issue and not a teams issue so I doubt if you will get satisfactory support here or from MS on this issue.