Teams address cache clear

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Question:  I got a office 365 tenant which was synced with my on premises AD. I stopped syncing few months ago as it was for test. I removed the adconnect server, and I removed (with help from here) all synced users and groups in my office365 tenant, including all domains. I now have only few  accounts. I will setup ad connect again soon as we want to use Microsoft teams. As I have onmicrosoft accounts I already can do some testing in teams. What I see now when I want to create a team and add members, I can see all the names of users which all are from till the moment I stopped syncing. It looks like there is a cache of names teams is using and the cache is not cleared when I deleted the users. Doesn't matter if I use the app or webbased version. I have found some websites about clearing local cache on pc but this seems to be a cache or address list in the office 365 environment, I got it on client, webbrowser (jncognito), other pc's. Any suggestions ?


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