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I am using a application in C# that has been derived with RoutingAgentFactory (Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.AgentFactory) for Exchange server 2013.
Transport agent service running on Exchange server 2013 regular keep watch on outgoing mails. If Transport agent find outgoing mail it invoke the application defined above, application modify the mail contents as per organisation rule and TA then send mail to recipient. It is working fine on Exchange server.

Unfortunately office 365 do not support Transport agent. I am searching same solution on office 365. Can you please help me to tell that how same solution can be achieved in office 365 Exchange server environment.

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That's simply not possible with Office 365, or any other cloud service for that matter. Remember that you are now using shared infrastructure, thus access to certain features or extensibility vectors is not available.


Depending on what exactly the agent does, you might find a suitable replacement via transport rules, DLP policies or connectors, but in general the answer is "NO".

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Thanks for reply.


Is there any way in office 365 that We can forward each outgoing mail to some dedicated SMTP server and where we handle required modification. 



You can use connectors for that scenario.