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Hi All
i am using exchange hybrid environment, Office365 user has sent an email to another office365 user and one onprem user. The attachment size is 6MB but it got increased to 9MB with Encoding or encryption for onprem user i can check using the below syntax


Get-MailboxServer | Get-MessageTrackingLog -MessageSubject "TEST" -Sender -Recipients -start "03/27/2019 00:00" -end "03/28/2019 23:59" |ft TimeStamp,Event ID,Source,Sender,Recipients,MessageSubject,TotalBytes -auto


What is the syntax to check on Cloud, i did try the below two syntaxes on Exchange online powershell module but it did not work

Get-MessageTrace -Sender -Recipient -start "03/27/2019 00:00" -end "03/28/2019 23:59" |ft TimeStamp,EventID,Source,Sender,Recipients,Subject
,TotalBytes -auto

Get-MessageTrace -Subject "TEST" -Sender -Recipient -start "03/27/2019 00:00" -end "03/28/2019 23:59" |ft TimeStamp,EventID,Source,Sender,Recipients,MessageSubject,TotalBytes -auto

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The size of attachments doesn't change, you don't need to check it in both On-Prem and ExO. Anyway, if you want to use the Get-MessageTrace data for that, the attribute to look at is called "Size".