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Could you help me please how I can sync existing Office365 AD with existing AD on-premise, the problem is the person who was doing maintenance this, he added users and group separately first on AD on-premise and after that he added users on Office365, I can expect with different passwords on  .. how I can synchronize so that on both sides nothing remove


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You have to "match" the users, either via Primary SMTP Address (soft match) or via objectGUID (hard match). Here are links with more detail:

@Vasil Michev  thank you for answer, could you tell me please how I can protect if something going wrong , I mean how I can role back ? do I have any risk to lost emails or ...?


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There's no rolling back, the accounts will be "linked". You can always backup any email/documents first.

@Vasil Michev thank you for answer, could you tell me please I choose hard match way one by one sync AD account with existing office365 accounts  , but how about user groups how I can create on premise and sync with my existing groups on Azure AD


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There is no "matching" process for groups, if you want to manage them centrally you'll have to sync them, and optionally remove the cloud-created ones.

@Vasil Michev  thank you for your help , i have a question if I choose hard match sync one by one , and I saw in Office 365 have two SMTP:**** (ok one is they do not use just received email) and one X400:  or X500 what is it ? 


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Hard-match is based on the objectGUID, not SMTP. Soft-match is for primary SMTP address, so the capital-case SMTP address.

@Vasil Michev thank you for your help