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Hello! We've finally set up an exchange server for our 2-person business so that we can share contacts. I am wondering what the best practice is for accessing that shared contact file on mobile devices. The outlook app only has mail, calendar and tasks. Do I point the native iphone contact app to the exchange server? Download a different contact app that plays nicely with exchange? Since both of regularly work with the same contacts I'd like to avoid the information living in multiple places so that if it's updated once that new info propagates throughout all devices. Thanks for your advice.

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@jenm999 On-Premises Exchange Server?


If you're using Office 365, you should check out 


@Michael Tang Thanks. Not sure if that answers my original question. I simply want to access contacts via outlook on mobile devices. We are not using an on-premise exchange server.... 2 person nonprofit! :) Just a garden variety Office 365 business premium subscription. 



If you open your Microsoft Outlook app on iPhone.

1. Top left home icon

2. Bottom left sprocket

3. Select your Office 365 account

4. Slide the slider to Save Contacts to device.


Forget what I said about Outlook Customer Manager, it's going end of life June 2020.