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What’s the best method of syncing or transferring Contacts (over 600) from an account to an Office 365 Business Essentials account? Syncing the emails would also be terrific.

Does the constant push from Microsoft to upgrade from premium to Office 365 suggest this would be a seamless transition?

I do not use or own an Outlook desktop app newer than Office 2007.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.

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I would suggest to export you emails & contacts to a .pst file using Outlook.


Then add your O365 account to Outlook and then import the pst file to your O365 account.




Robin Nishad

Indeed! A pst will transfer all your mail and contacts, and calendar if you want!


Can I use Outlook 2007?  Probably not.


I’d buy the business premium! It’s not that much more money and you get the latest office applications as well

To export Outlook data with all properties into Office 365, I would recommend you to make use of any third party tool because the third party tool provides a reliable, safe, and fast solution to export accessible and inaccessible Outlook PST to Office 365. Read In Detail


Hope this post will help you to accomplish your job

Zaplogix PST Converter tool is another proficient way to export Outlook data into Office 365 in hassle free manner. Recommended on current usage base.

So Microsoft has no structured transitional tool or internal method of advancing users to Office 365?

To create the PST file Outlook desktop is necessary. I'll find Outlook/Office 2013 somewhere. 

Has anyone used the IMAP Migration in the Microsoft 365 admin center?  (for migrations from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo)

I haven't found any details or discussion about this tool, only the first step of setting up two-factor authentication.  


Since its IMAP, will it actually copy emails, contacts, and calendar to O365, or shadow them to Office 365?


@adam deltinger

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