surviving ransomware-importing pst files into new drive

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I am both a cancer survivor and a ransom-ware survivor.  I was able to interrupt the encryption process by quickly disconnecting my modem and security software.  I was able to recover most of the drives files, but lost the boot sector.  I backed up what was left of the drive on Acronis True Image.  However my intact Outlook.pst files are password protected with passwords I have no knowledge of.  Those emails contain emails, doctors correspondence, doctors appointments and other medical information.  I am also a writer and need to recover specific writings of mine in my SENT folder and that folder is equally important for medical and writing sources.  As of now, I am running on backups from back early April to late May.  It is critical for me to import my pst files.  Does anyone in the community have a suggestion for me?  Does Microsoft have any way around such a problem?

Bill Anderson

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