Surface Pro 5 cannot use Outlook 365

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Hi everyone!
I got a problem with Outlook 365. I use Surface Pro 5(Windows 10) and then I couldn't access Outlook app. It appeared like this;

And accidentally I uninstall Outlook app from my laptop. I would like to know if I have a back up file and I reinstall Outlook app, will i can use Outlook with all email history?

Thank you.

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Assume that your mailbox is in Office 365? If that's the only mailbox you used loaded on your profile I would contact support. 


What happens if you try to access the e-mail on ? 

Thank you Chris.
Cannot access through maybe because my email is not originated from Outlook.

I have contacted Outlook support but they cannot solve and let me contact Microsoft Exchange instead.

Oh, was under the impression you were using Office 365, guess Outlook 365 only connected to another e-mail server. You will most def. need to contact whoever is hosting your e-mail as it seems there are some exchange / server issues going on there. 

Yeah, seem like it. I think i have to contact Microsoft to allow the email server able to connect with outlook.