Stuck on "Opening Forms for Excel..."

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I'm trying to create a survey. When I click "New", "Forms for excel" from the OneDrive page, or "New Form" from the "Insert" tab in a excel 365 document, I'm brought to, and get stuck on, the "Opening Forms for Excel..." screen with the loading wheel. The wheel spins as if it's working, but I can't progress any further. I've tried multiple computers and multiple browsers - all with the same result. Any help is appreciated.

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@DGoga - I have the same problem, and in  my case it was caused by the following:

* The form is stored in an Office 365 group

* I have permission to edit the form via an editing link but I am not a member of the group

* When I click 'Open in Excel' it attempts to open it in the Office 365 Group's documents (SharePoint site), and I guess this fails but with no error message leaving me stuck on the 

I know that this is the cause, because when I am a member of the group, 'Open in Excel' works, when I'm not a member of the group, it doesn't.

Probably the same situation would happen if the form is one created from a Microsoft Teams team, if you're not a member of that team but the form has been shared with you. Possibly in other scenarios too... I'll report this to Microsoft, it should automatically make an Excel sheet in your own OneDrive in this scenario.