Strange Shared OneDrive behavior.


We have some shared folders on OneDrive that are used by both Mac users and PC (Win10) users.  If a Mac user deletes one of these files on their local drive it goes both to their trash on the Mac, and to the trash on OneDrive.  But if a PC user deletes the file, it is just gone. No wastebasket, nothing in the OneDrive online trash.  We want the PC's to behave the same way as the Mac's.  


I'm the admin on the 365 install, is there a setting I'm missing?

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PC's should not do this behavior, mine does as the mac, and goes to trash local and in cloud recycle bin. Odd.
Are you sure it's not on the recycle bin on the Online OneDrive? If you use Files On-Demand for PC the file will not go to recycle bin unless you have it set to always be offline.
And Mac which isn't Files On Demand unless you download the preview version basically sync's everything offline is why that behavior occurs. What you need to do on PC is turn off Files on Demand if you want it to work the way your mac is working. Keep in mind it will consume the diskspace fully of the OneDrive files on the sync when turning off.
Good point. Can files on demand be turned off globally in the admin center or locally on the PC?
It used to be off by default. You have to turn it on, unless it's been changed. There are some GPO's for OneDrive, you might want to look into those here:

I see a Enable Files on Demand, so I'm sure this can be set to disabled as well to prevent it's use.
Thank you, I'll look at those. I did turn it off on the user in question so they can test it to see if that is in fact the issue. But, if it is, then I see that as a bug. Buy turning it on one should not have to worry about accidentally deleting a file. Would you agree?

Thanks for the GPO pointer.

No, because the file goes into the recycle bin in the cloud when using files on-demand. So you can still recover it. If you think about it, when using files on demand, when you delete a files it's just telling onedrive to delete it, because the file doesn't actually exist on the device because it exists in the cloud and only has a breadcrumb basically for the file.
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And don't forget if you have files on demand and your deletes go to your cloud recycle bin - you have a second stage recycle bin for additional peace of mind for this very reason.


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Right, I would agree, but in fact that did not happen. She created Test.Doc on her laptop, waited for it to sync. Opened it from the web, added a line, saved it, checked it on the laptop and saw the new, saved, line.

Gave it a couple of minutes, the little cloud icon was under status, and deleted the file from her laptop. Went to the web interface and the file was now gone. Checked the trash on the website, no Test.doc. Looked in the laptop recycle bin, no Test.doc. The file was gone.

So I do agree with your solution, but I don't agree that it is not a bug that a file can be irreversibly deleted when on demand is running. However, this was one test. I'll try to look into it from other systems to see if it is the norm or an anomaly.

Thanks for the quick response.