Strange behavior in O365 Outlook since latest update -

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Since O365 updated on our machines we get the following issues:


  1. Requests to re-enter and/or change passwords - all machines - happened on our mobile devices, also, where we are running Outlook - this is ahead of expected expiry time.
  2. On our Windows 7 Pro machines:  Sending attachments from the Office Application itself (sharing via email attachment) gives new permissions errors (we have multiple "OneDrive" locations in Microsoft, with different user-id's - all are authenticated on user's machine - and this has never been an issue before this update).  This issue does not happen on W10.
  3. Sending attachments from Outlook by using the Attach File function does not give the same errors as sending from the originating application (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. - "sharing" from these) on the W7 Pro machine.

Any hints as to what is going on, please let us know. 


We were aware of some OneDrive security enhancements and wondering if those have rules that impact this - however, we do not get specific errors - just the attached, which really does not tell us anything - and this is new as of 8/7/2018 - version 16.0.10325.20082 update (W7 Pro Machine).  


Latest update to our W10 is 8/1/2018 - version 16.0.9126.2259.  We have auto-update on W10, and alerts to update on W7 Pro.  Mobile iOS updates through App Store updating.


We are running Windows 7 Professional and Windows 10 Professional; ios 11 on our mobile devices.


Thanks to anyone who can help us - there are workarounds, but this is very much an aggravation.  

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One other thing - in Windows 7, in Outlook, there are issues deleting emails in some of our EXCHANGE accounts... not all, but some.  We have to quit Outlook, then re-open and the deleted emails are then not there - again, aggravating to the user.  Not happening in W10.  Everything there seems to work OK with this.