Split multiple email addresses in Outlook

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I currently have a number of email addresses being received into my inbox, but now I would like to split these into two separate inboxes that will be accessed on different computers.


When I log in to name1@outlook.com, I get name2@outlook.com, name3@outlook.com, name4@gmail.com and name5@gmail.com I would like to only have name1, name3, and name5 when I log in to name1. When I log in to name2, I would like to get name2 and name4. 


I realise that I could just remove name2 and name4 from name1 login and add name4 to my name2 inbox, but I have a problem with recalling the password for name4. I also would like some confirmation that all previous emails for name2 and name4 would be still available when viewing name2 (all emails are accessed using IMAP). 


What would happen if I added name1, name3 and name5 to name0 and then deleted these from my name1 login? I suspect it would be messy!


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated




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