Some users not able to see organization tab or Advanced Srch link on Modern Srch Results page

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I have 2 users that aren't able to see parts of the page on Modern search results when searching for a person.  Other users - including myself - don't have this problem.


I'd be very grateful for any help the community can offer:


  1. On regular search results they don't see the Organization tab.
  2. On a global search when searching for a person - where the url would be /_layouts/15/search.aspx?q=firstname%lastname they don't see the 4 tabs:  organization . calendar . files .  groups.  
  3. They don't see the Go to classic results page link on the bottom of the page, although they can navigate to this page directly if given the url.
  4. They see the Filters control but nothing shows inside the dialogue when the click it.

The errors returned (see below) would lead me to think they don't have rights to some of the office 365 resources but from everything I can tell they've been set up identically to other users where this isn't a problem, including accounts that have far less rights than them.  Other users with identical rights (as far as I can tell) don't have the same problem.


There are lots of errors seen when viewing the javascript console.  This is a sampling of the main types:


  • 403(forbidden) on'Lu1wn6W1q0-wQN21VfMcCjlRctbgSk5DphrQLu1R445UMVlGTUtGNUNQTFpJTUVKTkxCT004WjdBVy4u')?$expand=questions($expand=choices):1
  • Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
    chunk.vendors~sp-pages-search_3fc73dd8dcba03e4068e.js:1 Async string map loader failed: Loading chunk 19 failed.
    errorHandler @ chunk.vendors~sp-pages-search_3fc73dd8dcba03e4068e.js:1
  • Multiple variations of:
    chunk.vendors~sp-pages-search_3fc73dd8dcba03e4068e.js:1 Key searchux.strings.SearchBox.queryPlaceHolder does not exist in string map
    errorHandler @ chunk.vendors~sp-pages-search_3fc73dd8dcba03e4068e.js:1
  • Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET





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