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I have an online excel document with multiple sheets that I use in desktop version. One of the sheets is incredibly slow but the others are ok. The slow sheet has minimal formulas but about 3000 rows and columns up to EC. I am continuously adding more rows and columns. Another sheet pulls information from this slow sheet, but this slow sheet does not pull information from any other sheets. I have tried to delete some unneeded rows but excel crashes whenever I do that. I did turn off automatic formula updating. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Hi Sophi,
As I understood from your post, Excel doesn't crashes with other files, so the issue seems related to that one only, ( please correct me if I'm wrong ). From my perspective, there're some tests to perform in order to solve the issue:

- Check for sync errors.
- Check the Office Upload Center. ( Remove the cache could help ).
- Disable Office Graphic Aceleration, ( File - Options - Advanced ).
- Verify that Office is updated.
- Perform a Office quick repair.
- Create a new file and migrate the content. Check the behavior from that new file.

I'll cross fingers :)

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