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Hi All,

Is there any license requirements (E1,E3,E5,F1)for enabling "Skype for Business Audio conferencing license" add on?

Our client has O365 F1 and E1 licenses and they want to enable "Audio conferencing license".


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You have to have a license that includes creating meetings in Skype for Business (or Teams when they move to Teams) to be able to add Audio Conferencing Add-On License. F1 does not include that, with a F1 license you are allowed to join meetings but not create them.


Creating meetings is included in E1 (and E3, E5) so with this license you can buy the Add-On for Audio Conferencing.



You also have the option to use Communication Credits with E1, E3 and E5. When this is assigned to a user they can use dial-in in their meetings and you will pay per minute for each caller that calls in to a meeting. This could be cheaper if you have users that only hosts a few meetings per month with few dial-in callers.

Thanks for the help Linus.