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I'm using 365 Business Basic. I'm the only user and I'm the Admin. I'd like to be able to use the Authenticator App to sign in with a fallback of using just my password if I've lost the Authenticator device, but I don't seem to be able to do this.

Here's what I'm trying. At the moment I can only sign in using my password. Under my account the security info page just has an alternative email address which is for password reset. I don't have 2FA switched on. If I add the Authenticator App as a method then this defaults as the sign-in method but there is no option to use just the password instead when I sign in.

Is this possible?

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@TimSlater Hello, turn on security defaults Azure Active Directory security defaults | Microsoft Docs


This is from my "free org" with security defaults enabled using the Authenticator app. I never use my password but it's an option.




@ChristianBergstrom thanks. Your suggestion seems to work for addresses but not for a 365 account. I find the documentation a bit confusing but somewhere along the line I read something which suggested I can’t do what I want.

Security defaults is included in all subscriptions. What happens when you toggle it on?


@TimSlater Adding this as it explains the scenario you're worried about Sign in using the Microsoft Authenticator app - Azure AD | Microsoft Docs