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Hi there,


I am having problems resolving an issue for 3 of ours users in a different office.


Two of them are wanting to share out their calendar with one other person so said person can edit, add, delete etc, things in their calendars (A and B want to share their calendar with C)


I have connected to two of their computers simultaneously to share out the calendar to the other person. When connected, I went into the person who is wanting to share out the calendars, calendar > share calendar (of A) > typed in C's name in the 'to..' section > changed 'details' to 'full details' > Send. C then receives the email invite, accepts it, goes to edit something in A's calendar and a message saying "The folder you selected is not available."


Since then, I have tried it another way: Went into the calendar of A > My calendar > right clicked the calendar I was giving out permissions on > properties > go to tab 'permissions' > Add > Searched for C's name, double clicked > Ok > Changed permissions as appropriate. This still didn't work.


I tested this on my own calendar with a colleague and it worked fine, no error message like above. I have done some searching online and on the Microsoft Forums but have not found anything that is of any help, unfortunately. 


Could there be some restrictions on A, B or C's calendars preventing A and B's calendar being shared out to C?


Apologies in advance if this is a duplicate post but I couldn't find anything similar. 


Many thanks,



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Try to repeat the process via the webmail/OWA, so that you trigger the "new" sharing experience. You can also grant permissions directly on the calendar, bypassing the Share functionality.

Hi Vasil,


Thanks for your reply. This hasn't worked either. I have run a PowerShell command to try and resolve this but still no luck.


It seemed the permissions were already on the calendars but were perhaps corrupt, so not working properly. I then removed the permissions in PowerShell and added them again. I asked the user to leave it an hour or so for the change to take affect and they have come back to me today (after the weekend) to say it still isn't working.


The user is getting the same error message as before so I'm not quite sure what to do next.