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I am wondering how I can use 365 to do things that I was planning to do on my website, such a member's forum, video and documents. Is there a Publisher equivelant in MS 365?  I want to make printable (PDF) books.


Can I use Sway presentations on my Wordpress Website?

Do those that I invite to my 365 products have to have MS 365 subscription accounts to access?

Can MS Stream videos be used on my website?  Can I invite non MS Stream users to view my videos in Stream?


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@NewSongHomeopathy :

Publisher- Not sure what exactly you are looking for but you do get a desktop version of publisher with office 365 subscription ( do check office 365 subscription details before buying one). There is no online version AFIK, even if there is one it wont be as powerful as the desktop application, you can save the publisher document as pdf from within the desktop application.

Sway and documents: Sway, word/excel documents do give you an option to embed them as a code in your website (iframe). The users visiting your site don't need a license to view this content.

Stream: Stream still doesn't have an option to share the videos externally, this is still on road map, you can however, upload the videos on sharepoint/onedrive and embed them to your website, the experience is not as neat though. Personally, i think you would be better off using youtube as a repository for your videos until microsoft makes it possible to share stream videos externally. Plus, you will have granular controls uploading the video to youtube, like what portion of video should play when you embed it to your website.

Other than that, you can also use microsoft forms to include user polls in your website, responses to the poll will be recorded and you will be able to see them from within your forms in office 365. Again, no license requirements for this.