Sharing calendars other than Default - 365 and Office 2019 Mac

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I read through some posts concerning this issue but can't seem to find a solution. Our College is in the midst of moving all our users to Office 365. I've been moved over as well as some other users in my department. We have a separate account that is for our department. I'll call it artdept. I have added that to my Office 2019 desktop Application on the Mac version 16.25 (19051201). So far all is good.


I am able to share and set permissions to the default calendar in that account. I have been trying to create additional calendars and share those but the users I delegate and set permissions too, cannot see these additional calendars.


When the user goes to "Open Shared Calendar", they search for the account and click ok. Only the default calendar comes in and none of the additional calendars I created under that account.


I am able to create an additional calendar in OWA and send an invite. That user is then able to see the additional calendar in OWA but not in the desktop application.


Is this a known issue with the Mac and if so, is there a fix on the horizon? I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days now with no such luck.


Tried this with the latest version of Office 2016 & 2019 for the Mac.


Thank you in advance for any guidance anyone can give.


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We've always had issues with sharing non-default calendars, but since I'm not a Mac user I'll defer to @Julia Foran for definitive answer on this.

@Vasil Michev  I have the eaxct same problem and i can not find any resolve anywhere. Answers are being redirected or threads left vacant...


I can not share any other calendar, than the initially created "calendar" and "birthdays". Any  additional calendar i create will either not show up when i successfully shared my initial "calendar". If dont share the initially creadet "calendar" the user will get a prompt, that the does not have privileges to access the folder.


what i tried:

  • added a delegate with the user i want to share my additional calendar with (read/create/edit)
  • added the user i want to share my additional calendar to the calendars sharing preferences (editor)

Could anyone help us solve this problem - there must be a way to share additional calendars - i am somewhat frustrated with office 2019 for mac


thank you

Vasil, I still have not found or heard of a solution. Would be great if a MS Expert would contribute and let us know if this is possible.

I am able to log onto Office 365 via a browser and delegate a calendar to a user. It then sends a link which will add it to their mobile device but still does not show up on their desktop machine using Office 2019 for the Mac.

Sorry, I'm not a Mac user, so I really don't have anything to share on this. Pinging @Julia Foran again :)