Sharing calendars across domains in an Office 365 account

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I have an Office 365 account (Business Premium) that hosts my combined personal/work email -- I'm self-employed, so I'm the only domain user. However, for a variety of reasons, I want to get my wife's email migrated office Gmail onto her own domain, which I want to set up on my Office 365 account (with her own license and domain).


One of the things I want to be able to do is share my Exchange/365 calendar with her. Not as a iCal/vcf link, but with delegate approval.


Is it possible to assign delegate rights to a user on a second domain hosted in the 365 account? IOW, if my user account is and hers is, can calendar (or for that matter email and contacts) be accessed as a delegate?



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Hey @Dan Trimble,


If you put her on your tenant then 100% its easy to do.

Office 365 views users on the same tenant as in the same organization. So if you just add her domain to your tenant, and treat it as two users with different primary domains, this is easy to do. You will be seperate to everyone in the outside world, but as far as O365 is concerned you are coworkers who happen to use different names.

If you put her on her own tenant(account), then no its not possible.



Thank you Adam.


Can you clarify -- what exactly does "tenant" mean in the context of administering a 365 account?


It's an entity separating you from other organizations/businesses/individuals using Office 365 worldwide. It can be perceived as a main account. Not one that you can assign a license or a mailbox, not a user account, but org account. As others say, one tenant can have multiple domains which are interoperable (i haven't tried this myself, so i trust the other commenter). But two separate tenants can't share resources like that.


Also, tenant has a unique address like (where you can add your own existing domains). Other tenant will have