Sharing availability of a group to other groups

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I'm a O365-group-owner and would like to show/share/publish the availability (only the status of appointments, no detailed information) of members of my group - based on the individual Outlook-calender of each menber - to other (internal) users in my organisation. We are using O365 E3). Is there a solution?

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You can just share Peoples calendars with limited view information!

Everyone can do this or Use PowerShell:


Thanks for your respons, Adam.

I would like to avoid that each member of the other groups has to add the agenda of each member of my group to his/her agenda to get an overlay-view. I'm more thinking about an matrix-overview like you get when using the appointment-planningtool in outlook-client-app for Windows. So like is showed in this site: 

Suggestions stay welcome!



I’m not familiar with any other solution if you don’t want overlay or next to next view of people’s own calendars! Otherwise a separate calendar like a shared calendar, office 365 calendar or sharepoint calendar, but it requires extra input from the users to manage a second calendar