Sharing a Document With Internal Links

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In my SOLO IT Shop, the first business day of the new year has already hit me with challenges...and here is one of them. 


We are going to soon contract out some help. The only thing these particular contractors need, for now, is a very large document of our procedures for drafting. Normally, I'd say we copy it to OneDrive, share it and be done with it. 


Well, this document is FULL of links to other documents, drawings, photos and more on our local server, so they will not be able to access these links unless connected to a VPN and a VPN connection would be overkill for this situation and we don't want to go this route.


Let me digress a moment and say that despite having Office 365 E3 accounts for email and TEAMS, we have not utilized the benefits of O365, because everyone is "comfortable" in our client/server world. In addition, our Excel sheets are heavy VBA, and that doesn't work as well in O365 without having to open in the web first and then locally. I’ve been looking for inroads to using more Office 365 benefits and this project may be my chance.


So, I'm looking for suggestions on how to make this document shareable with links that work. I was thinking OneDrive/SharePoint but I bet it will be a lot of work to update every single link.

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