SharePoint Synced Folder from another Tenant

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I´m a basic user in my own Tenant - in this case named Tenant A - and i have synced some Librarys from the SharePoint o my Companys Tenant.


Now i was invited to work ob a project from a cooperation company whos has her own Tenant - in this case named Tenant B - with an SharePoint and anything else.


So in the Tenant B i´m a guest user and i´ve synced a Librarys from Tenant B's SharePoint with OneDrive.


On my Client in the Windows Explorer the synced Library appears on the wrong Tree-Point. The synced Folder of Tenant B's SharePoint is listed near the Synced Folders of my Tenant A's SharePoint.

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Pretty sure that the "Tree" you speak of is account based and not tenant based, so anything you sync to that account, including other tenants which you use the same account will sync as a sub folder to that structure.