Sharepoint Spreadsheets not syncing

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I use a master spreadsheet for all pricing on parts. This includes list prices, multipliers, etc. They can change often, and so I tie all of my pricing spreadsheets for routine jobs to this master sheet.


For example, we change out a quantity of 24 of the same part twice a year. In the columns for list price and multiplier, I set them to equal the values in the master spreadsheet. All of the spreadsheets are stored in the company SharePoint, which I have synced with my laptop, and am accessing via the desktop Excel application.


When I set the formulas, they work, and the data updates. However, when I close out excel and open it back up, I get the following error:


"Sorry, we couldn't open Associates, Inc/Blejwas - Blejwas Sharepoint/Sales Assets/Pricing/Pricing Books/[MASTER PRICING.xlsx]


This is the exact file path to the aforementioned spreadsheet. IS what I'm intending to do just not possible, or is this an issue of granting permissions for the master pricing spreadsheet? Again, all of the individual job spreadsheets exist in the SharePoint as well, I just use the desktop application to make edits faster. Thank you in advance!

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@farrelltamkeHave you tried clearing Office File Cache in %localappdata%\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache ?