Sharepoint shared sites folders doesn't show up in portal office com or sharepoint


Dear all,


I have created a site for a company A and created a tree of folders and shared each of those folders with a particular mail enabled security group using Manage Access. when doing so all users got the email notifying them of the share however few didn't.


I would like to know what to do If you would like to let alert those specific people who didn't get the email about their shared folders. 


I tried going to to see if the shared folder/site might show there in the main page but it didn't show for them.


I tried to visit but also nothing shows up.


The only way it works if I copy the link that came with the email then it'll direct the user to its shared folder. 


I would appreciate if anyone have any information about this.


Thank you

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Shared resources can usually be found in the onedrive app. On the left menu is a shared menu item which has a view for “shared with me” this will list everything shared with you and you can sort by person , date etc.

@Mohammed Hamada 


Agreed, you will see this in the OneDrive App.  You can also click on the SharePoint App from the list of Apps from and this will show the user the list of sites that they have accessible to them.

@Chris Webb  It didn't show for them, the only way it showed is when I brought that link on their computers and launched the browser and clicked Synced on that folder then it launched OneDrive and showed the permitted folder. 

Probabaly because your using groups instead of individuals.

@Chris Webb  so the only way this would work is by inviting individuals instead of using security groups? That would be difficult to maintain in a big environment. 


Sounds like you need to build some communication sites and site structures to support your file locations.

Sharing a bunch of random locations with groups isn’t maintainable.

I do think the shared with me needs improvement. But try to build some sites around your file structure.

@Chris Webb  It's not random locations, As I mentioned before It's a single site but includes multiple folders and I provided access for each of those folders to different mail enabled security groups.


Seems the notification function is not working for mail enabled security groups. 

The group notifications have never worked to my knowledge. Your best bet is apply permissions to the folders direct using grant access instead of sharing. Then send out email to all to the root folder. They will only see the folders they have access too. I don’t think root permissions are needed as limited access will allow enough to get in. If not you might have to add read to all and remove that from each sub folder.

Thank you, will give that a test.