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We have a strange issue with the SharePoint search. I have a number of folders which correspond with each of our customers. In these folders are a series of folders with data in there. For example,



       *Customer 1

             * Invoices
             * Quotations

       * Customer 2

              * Invoices
             * Quotations


If I search 'customer 2' in the main search, the folder "customer 2" appears. What I want to do is click on this folder and this takes me straight into the folder in question showing me the full contents of the folder. However, it takes me to the folder but only shows data which matches the search result still.


For example, it will show PDF's and word documents which contain 'customer 2' but doesn't show my the raw data in the folder which includes the Invoices and quotations folder. It is like it is still returning search results from my search (if that makes sense). 


Essentially, I want to be able to do something like right click>go to file location which you can do in explorer or stop SharePoint from searching my search results. 


Is there a way that this can be done?


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