SharePoint Page Difference Visualization

Daniel Glenn, speaker of SharePoint Fest DC, explains how you can now view modern page differences in past versions with SharePoint page difference visualization! This functionality enables page authors to find changes made and reverse them if needed.
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2 Replies

This is a really cool feature. One of our customer was asking for this.

I'm wondering if there are any plans to provide the means to extend this for custom SPFx webparts and define how a history of a webpart should look like. 


I fiddled a bit with this and noticed how the OOTB Text webpart highlights what was changed inside the webpart rather than just highlighting changes to the webpart which is pretty cool, kind of a diff checker. I checked this with a custom Text based webpart but it does not automatically know to track changes inside, which is understandable.


Would there be such a mechanism in the future to provide a custom implementation for the version history of the contents inside a custom SPFx webpart?

@cosminleferman I do not know of plans for highlighting content within the web parts as you mentioned. I will bring it up with the SharePoint product team when given the opportunity.

Great idea!